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Clarkson Hyde Global Denmark

Since 1965 we have been engaged in accountancy and consultancy, and we have proved the value of activities based on:

We also pride ourselves on our ability to continually look at ways of enhancing our offering and adapt our services to the changing needs and demands of our valued clients.

Specialised knowledge

We have developed specialist knowledge within our organisation - both technical and client-oriented. In areas extending our core expertise, we can work in close cooperation with trusted advisers to ensure we achieve your goals.

National cooperation

We work in close cooperation with external advisers, particularly on:

We are also part owners of Revitax, a company employing 15 tax lawyers, providing solutions to clients with complex tax questions.

How we can help

Our objective is to provide high-quality, customised services which our clients find highly valuable in helping them with new projects or resolving issues.

Our clientele predominantly consists of a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises all over Denmark. We also act as accountants and advisers to individual clients with private assets and to a large number of foundations and housing cooperatives.

Our organisation is made up of a highly qualified team of accountants and advisers, all continuously updating their expertise through refresher and supplementary training courses.

We are 35 professional advisers and accountants dedicated to serving clients and working together with business partners.

Autonomous units and cross-unit teams

We work in small, autonomous units. Across these we have established special teams to handle large projects or projects where specialist expertise is needed. This approach gives our clients the benefit of receiving a personal service often associated with smaller firms but with the difference that we are able to provide sophisticated support and services at the level of the large national accounting firms.

Quality assurance

All of our activities are quality assured through our Quality Management System and the Quality Control carried out by our professional association - The Institute of State Authorised Public Accountants, giving our clients reassurance that we are always maintaining the tightest controls for their security.

We are in regular contact with our clients

Close and regular contact with our clients is given high priority - when desired, at their offices.

This close contact gives us thorough, up-to-date knowledge of our clients and their activities. We regard this as a prerequisite for providing our clients with the best possible advice.

Clarkson Hyde Global Denmark services:

Thanks to our organisation, staff structures and our use of rational working processes, we are able to offer our services to clients at competitive fees.

Each member of the Association is an independent accountancy firm offering their own scope of services and are responsible only for the services which they specifically provide. Local laws also differ and not all members may be permitted to offer all services ‘under one roof’. In these cases, each member firm can recommend relevant professionals in these fields, who they have experience of working closely with, to ensure clients’ needs are met.

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GLB Accounting is the Denmark representative firm of Clarkson Hyde Global. It is a separate and independent legal entity which cooperates with fellow Clarkson Hyde Global member firms under a strict code of conduct, a shared vision for delivering proactive, partner-led support and a cost effective alternative to the large advisory practices.

If you would like to learn more about how we could help you or your business in Denmark, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lead partner:

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